SoCal corner about to explode

If things go the way that Colton, Calif., head coach Harold Strauss thinks then his cornerback, Jonathan Mack (5-8, 175, 4.5) is about to explode onto the recruiting scene.
Though he is a neophyte to the game of football, he has taken to the game like a bird takes to flying. He also has D-I bloodlines.
"Jonathan has great hops and has great instincts for the ball," Strauss said. "His break on the ball is unbelievable. He reminds people of (Arizona cornerback) Devin Ross, but he's bigger, more physical and quicker than Devin was at the same stage."
"We have sent out his film and he now UCLA, Washington, Arizona and Oregon are very interested," Strauss said. "His best day as a football player are ahead of him."
"Jonathan is an outstanding athlete," Strauss said. "He is one of the best basketball players in the school and has a great vertical. He also participates in track."
"Jonathan has only played football his junior season," Strauss said. "Before that he was concentrating on basketball.
"Jonathan is about to explode," Strauss said. "He just has natural skills as a football player. He now knows football is his future and wants to get a scholarship to play college football.
"I think he is going to because he is working hard to see that it gets done," Strauss said. "He's a true cover corner."
Mack earned all-league for his maiden season performance after accounting for 45 tackles and seven interceptions.
In the weight room, Mack has a current bench of 300-poundsm he squats over 400 and his power clean is 255.
Mack's older brother is UCLA junior running backChristian Ramirez, who will be battling for the starting job this fall.