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So whos left

Even with Signing Day in the books for another year, not every prospect is signed, sealed and delivered for the 2006 class. That has many wondering who is left to come forth in this year's class.
The major developing news that had recruiting fans searching for answers was that in regards to five-star running back Keiland Williams, who was expected to sign on Signing Day.
That did not happen and the waiting continues for several schools such as LSU, where he had committed, along with Southern Cal and Ole Miss. Late Wednesday evening, sources were reporting that it was most likely an LSU/USC battle. Williams, however, has not publicly stated that Ole Miss is out of the race.
"There have been so many players who have signed and that had to transfer because it wasn't right for them," Williams said. "I don't want to be in that situation."
There is no set date for Williams to put his signature on paper for one of the three schools in the running.
Williams made his verbal pledge to Les Miles and the Tigers just over a week ago at a news conference at Northside High School. He said he chose the Louisiana program to be close to his family.
Will that stick or will Williams be heading away from home?
Geathers still deciding
Four-star offensive tackle Clifton Geathers is another prospect who has yet to make up his mind.
Sources are reporting that this story could go one of three ways. Georgia and South Carolina are possibilities for the No. 25 rated offensive tackle.
However, reports are also out that Geathers could be signing with a prep school in order to better his academic standing. At this point, nothing has come out from the family on what the 6-foot-7, 280-pound high profile recruit will do.
Stay tuned on this one.
Hazelton signed, but there's more
Even when the fax machine went through with Vidal Hazelton's papers for the Trojans, the story did not end there.
Rivals.com national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell spoke with Hazelton's father last night and he said he had not signed the letter-of-intent for his son's acceptance of the USC scholarship and therefore it is not a valid document.
According to Farrell, Hazelton's father wanted his son to return back home in New York to discuss the future. While many thought that the Penn State/USC battle would end on Signing Day, it may not be over yet.
Hazleton could wait as long as spring before making his final decision.
Three-star cornerback considers options
Newspaper reports surfaced on Signing Day that three-star defensive back Darin Baldwin was not going to finish up as quickly as many thought after committing to North Carolina State just weeks before.
A test score looks like the determining factor in this developing story. Florida, even with its highly ranked class, may also be in the picture.
"I talked to NC State and Florida and told them what I'm doing," Baldwin said on the night of Signing Day. "My dad told me we should hold off until I get my test score back. We want to see what my options are then.
"If I do (well) enough, I can go anywhere I want."
The Gators are considered an option, but South Florida, NC State and Central Florida seem more likely. However, considering the last-minute changes to the defensive back class for Florida, a spot could open up depending on how the next two weeks play out for Baldwin.
Husky or Husker?
When the Washington official list of signees came out Wednesday, three-star junior college safety Ashlee Palmer was on it.
This left Nebraska coaches and fans a bit confused considering the high profile juco defender had signed a letter-of-intent in December with the Huskers. Many wondered if signing a second letter was even a valid option.
News came Thursday that the NU coaching staff will pursue this into the next few weeks to find out exactly what, if anything, can be done.
"He can only sign a letter-of-intent one time from my understanding," Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan said on Signing Day. "You can have the ability to sign a tender or a financial aid agreement. He elected to go elsewhere, but I don't know if that battle is over yet. We'll see."
Palmer's coach says he never got any indication Palmer was going anywhere other than Lincoln. However, upon signing his letter in December, he did not show up due to a qualification issue.
The quarter system at Washington though may have provided Palmer a chance to get enrolled quicker. Having not qualified after his first signature may also give validity to his second letter.
While Palmer looks to be heading to Washington, this one could turn several different ways in the coming weeks.