Snow has bright future

GILMER, Texas - Junior offensive guard David Snow knows he's big.
Snow, during practice, looks huge next to his teammates who are plenty huge for the high school level. He jokes that he's getting towards 6-foot-5 and on his way to 6-foot-6. Regardless of his size, it's obvious that his recruiting interest seems to pick up by the day and he has more and more college options on the table before him by the second.
Nonetheless, Snow is just thinking about his season and not where he'll be attending college right now.

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"We're really coming together as a team," Snow said. "We're getting more physical every day and it's really great to be a part of this team. I just want us to keep working together and dominate every game."
It's hard to keep track of his scholarship offer count. So far, the likes of Baylor, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, and several others are just the ones that Snow has reported. His coaches say it's pretty much everybody but Texas that's sent him one.
Snow isn't really getting too caught up in recruiting right now. As for favorites, he's wide open.
"No sir, I'm really looking at everybody," Snow said. "I'm taking it slow."
Snow will be one of the many visiting prospects this weekend when Texas and Oklahoma face off in the Red River Shootout. He says that he's not ready to predict a winner there either.
"It could go either way," Snow said with a laugh. "My dad and I are going up there on our own to watch it. I'm not going to rule either team out of winning that game."
As for the rest of his junior season, he has one goal on his mind.
"I just want our team to finish out with a state championship," he said. "That's the biggest thing on my mind."