Smith still has UCLA atop his list

Cameron Smith was back at UCLA this past weekend and loved it.
The Bruins are his favorite but the 2015 linebacker from Granite Bay, Calif., is not rushing a decision even though UCLA leads other schools.
"They're No. 1 still," Smith said. "It's still early so I don't know how it's going to go but I love it there."

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One of the reasons UCLA is so high on his list is because of his relationship with linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich. The recruiting process between the two is definitely a special one and Smith appreciates everything that's going on.
"He said he's not that type of guy to call me all the time and message me," Smith said.
"He said he wanted me and he'd do anything to get me but he's not the type of guy to call me all the time. I love that about him. He's letting me be and he said if he doesn't call me it's not that he doesn't love the way I play. He just wants to give me space."
The Granite Bay standout got a much closer look at UCLA game day on Saturday and it impressed the 2015 linebacker.
Smith was in the locker room, got a chance to see what happens before the game and he said the Bruins are in very good shape in his recruitment.
"It was awesome," Smith said. "I had a blast.
"We got there around 2 and got our tickets. We walked right on the field and watched the warm-ups and then everyone went back in the locker room. We went in there and watched how it is to be a Bruin on game day. We listened to what everybody had to say and we walked out right behind them and we went right to our seats. It was just really exciting to be there."
So far, Smith has been offered by San Diego State, UCLA, Washington State and Wisconsin. He said Alabama has drastically stepped up interest and Washington is getting involved as well.