Smallwood closing in on more offers

Over the summer, Bear (Del.) Red Lion Christian Academy running back Wendell Smallwood measured in at 5-foot-11, 200-pounds and ran a blazing 4.43 in the forty. It is clear that the standout junior has the size and speed that college coaching are looking for. Smallwood picked up an early offer from Temple and is hoping that after his junior season more offers will roll in.
Smallwood first game a quick update on his junior season.
"It's going pretty good, but we just lost though to make us 2-2," said Smallwood. "I think I have about 10 touchdowns and close to 600 yards rushing so far. My goal is to get 1300 yards rushing and 23 touchdowns."

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The Delaware prospect has been getting interest from many schools including Rutgers, Miami, Oregon, Alabama, Boston College, Penn State, Connecticut and Maryland. Are there any schools close to offering or any that he hopes to get an offer from?
"I'm talking to a lot of schools right now, but I am not sure how close they are to offering though," said Smallwood. "Getting an offer from Rutgers would be nice; UConn, Penn State and Maryland are others that would be great to be offered by."
While, Smallwood says he has no favorites at this point, he did share his thoughts on Temple, since they are his lone offer.
"I like that they run the ball a lot," said Smallwood. "I talk to the running back coach a lot, he treats me well and it seems like he cares about me."
Smallwood has already attended two Maryland games and a Temple game, and he is hoping to check out some more schools when he gets a chance.
He discussed his two visits to Maryland.
"They were good ,and I like the environment up there," said Smallwood. "I like the new uniforms and they treated us pretty good. There is just something about Maryland that I like."