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Sleeper talks recruting

One of the true sleepers in college football recruiting is Donnie Jennert. Jennert, 6-6 and 192 pounds, is now back home in the Sunshine State. He played as a freshman and sophomore at St. Cloud (Fla.) High School. Then at the end of his 10th grade year his mom got a job transfer that moved them to Glenwood Springs, Co. Now he's back in central Florida.
"I have been moving back here the last couple of weeks," Jennert said. "We started practice on Monday (two-a-days) and it's good to be back. It feels good to be back with the team and my old quarterback. I just need to finish up some paperwork so I can get cleared to play. They are even having a hearing to confirm I wasn't recruited to come back here and play."
Jennert moved back but his mom is still out west. He's living with one of his oldest friends, E.J. White, who also happens to be the starting quarterback. Still, it's tough being away from mom.
"It's hard, hard leaving her. I could have stayed up there and seen what would have happened (in recruiting). But down here schools are really looking at me and I always wanted to graduate with our QB. I have known him since the 6th grade.
"Plus, this is a great opportunity. My high school team in Colorado was good. We went 10-1, but in Florida football is king and it's a football state. I like the east coast schools, the SEC and the ACC. Some big-time schools have recently inquired about me, some like Boston College, Clemson, LSU, Auburn, and Kansas.
"My mom and I are trying to do what we can. I got to make it happen."
There is no doubt this kid has talent. He had a terrific camp in Gainesville at Friday Night Lights and was really one of the biggest surprises there with all the talent that invaded the Swamp. Jennert has outstanding size, very good speed and great hands.
At this time he favors five schools – Boston College, Kansas, LSU, Auburn, and Clemson.
"I went to Kansas before Friday Night Lights. Kansas was pretty nice and I stay in touch with those coaches. They have a new athletic facility and it's amazing. I mean it's ridiculous. I was one of the first ones to see it because it had just opened up. The campus life seems great and I love the people there. They also have great academics (business management). They have not offered but are waiting to see my first two games of this season.
"I know two people at B.C. and that's one of the top schools in the nation in terms of education. In terms of football they have a real good offensive scheme. They are a young team and they are getting better. I would love to be a part of that. They say they are coming to watch me early this season.
"As far as Clemson, LSU and Auburn, I don't know too much about them but I am getting a ton of mail from them and it has picked up. I also like Florida. They are my dream schools and will be until the die I die but I am not sure what will happen there. It's ok though because where ever I play I will always like the Gators."
The first month of the season will be critical for Jennert and his future in football. He's a prospect on the rise but teams will want to see him catching passes in September. He will have a great chance to do that with White at the helm and St. Cloud throwing a good portion of the time.
"They say that we will throw the ball 70-75% of the time. We have another 6-5 receiver (Kyle Miller) and E.J. is a good quarterback. We have a connection and have a good rhythm together."
Stayed tuned because with a good season Donnie Jennert will be a receiver on the rise.