Sleeper prospect getting hot

Quarterback Trevor Olson (6-5, 220, 4.7) from Los Angeles (Calif.) Cathedral could be one of the best kept secrets in the state if California going into the season. Maybe the reason is he played his junior season at Evergreen high school in Colorado.
Cathedral head coach Kevin Pierson is ecstatic with Olson's performance over the first two games of the season.
"Trevor is incredibly strong for a quarterback," Pierson said. "He has outstanding footwork for a 6-5 kid. He has quick feet, like a shortstop in baseball.
"Mechanically, he's pretty solid," Pierson said. "I'm amazed that no one really knows about this kid. He kind of fell into our lap and we are very fortunate that he did.
"Trevor is very intelligent," Pierson said. "He's picked up the offense much faster than I thought he would.
"The one thing that has been very impressive to me about Trevor is he isn't fazed by the blitz," Pierson said. "He picks it up and hits his hot receiver very quickly.
"Trevor really picks up his reads. He's almost perfect in his hot reads.
"In our last game, Trevor was 16-26 for 256 yards and five touchdowns," Pierson said. "And he had four drops in this game. He had five drops in his first game when he was 14-24 for 212 yards and two more touchdowns.
"If our receivers were doing better catching the ball," Pierson said. "Trevor would be completing about 80 percent of his passes.
"The ball just jumps out of his hands," Pierson said. "He has a strong arm and a quick release. The ball just whistles by. We (the Cathedral coaching staff) were even laughing about it.
"It is just mindboggling that no one has seen him and took a closer look," Pierson said. "Just his body type and physical appearance warrants that.
"Trevor's talent as a quarterback is above impressive," Pierson said. "Like I said, he has a big time arm."
Olson is definitely one to keep an eye on, especially if your school needs to take a peek at a quarterback prospect.