Sleeper LB makes plays

Sleeper defensive end/linebacker Jaswha James (6-2, 220, 4.7) from Inglewood, Calif., is somebody to keep an eye on. He is another from the class of 2011 from the Inglewood program with a very good shot at playing on the D-I level.
James is a hard hitting linebacker/defensive end who racked up 70-plus tackles, seven sacks and one fumble recovery.
"We started Jaswha out as a linebacker and he played really well for us," Inglewood assistant coach Stephen Thomas said. "He really helped out our defensive line.

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"Jaswha has a big upside and is just learning how to play the game," Thomas said. "He's a real strong kid and has a good motor. He has a lot of physical tools and a really good chance to be a great player and help us win this year.
"The thing we like most about Jaswha is he has the tools to get better and the work ethic to see it through," Thomas said. "Like I said he has a lot of upside.
"Jaswha is a very good athlete, too," Thomas said. "He played basketball in high school for two years. Last season was his first playing football.
"Jaswha didn't do badly for us at linebacker," Thomas said. "It's just that we were thin along the defensive line, so we needed him at defensive end and made a lot of big plays for us and some big sacks throughout the year.
"Jaswha moves really well and could play linebacker on the collegiate level," Thomas said. "His athleticism is what impressed us when we first met him.
"He definitely passes the eyeball test when you see him. He looks like a linebacker."
In the weight room, James has a current bench of 260, power cleans 225 and he squats 440. He had good hops, too, with his 32-inch vertical.
What is James looking for in a college?
"A good campus with great academics," James said. "I like people so I would a school with a lot of people.
"I would like to take all five visits before I make my decision," James said. "You never know what other schools have to offer unless you visit.
"You can't just make a decision and roll with it and miss out on all the other opportunities," James said. "You just never know what is out there unless to see for yourself."
James carries a 2.8 GPA and has already scheduled his SAT for next month.