Sleeper is a prospect

There is a sleeper cornerback from Lynwood, Calif., to keep your eyes on. Not only does he have the skills to play D-I football but he is also an outstanding student with his 3.8 GPA and shouldn't have a problem qualifying. Another thing to like about Vachel Samuels (6-0, 185, 4.5) is his versatility.
"Vachel plays offense, defense and returns kicks for us," Lynwood coach Mark Williams said. "But he projects as a cornerback on the D-I level.
"Vachel has a great size, speed and possesses an outstanding work ethic," Williams said. "You have to tell Vachel to slow down sometimes because he works so hard.

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"Even on Sunday when I drive by the school there is Vachel running on the track," Williams said. "He's a workout machine.
"Vachel is also an outstanding student," Williams said. "He is getting letters of interest from Ivy league schools and the academies.
"Arizona State and Nebraska have also sent letters of interest," Williams said. "UCLA has sent him a questionnaire.
"It is just a matter of time before Vachel becomes a big time recruit," Williams said. "Once we get his film out to schools they are going to recognize that Vachel is the real deal.
"I have been coaching for 10 years and I don't talk or hype about players unless they deserve it," Williams said. "Vachel deserves it.
"One of the most impressive things about Vachel is; his best games are against the best competition. That's what good players do play well in big games and that's Vachel.
"I think at the end of the day when people see Vachel in action," Williams said. "He will be considered one of the best corners on the west coast.
"Vachel is the complete corner," Williams said. "He can play bump or zone. We play them both and he does them well.
Samuels was a first-team all-league selection after racking 55 tackles, three pass deflections, and two sacks.