Sleeper guard is emerging

There is an offensive guard emerging on the scene by the name of Jason Anderson (6-4, 325, 5.3) from Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax. Anderson plays for a school known more their basketball program, but things are looking up for the football program and he is one of the reasons why.
"Remember Larry Allen of the Dallas Cowboys," Fairfax coach Shane Cox said. "That's Jason Anderson. Like Allen, Jason is an excellent pass blocker."
"Jason plays guard for us and runs very well for a big guy," Cox said. "We run a lot of counters and a lot of traps. Jason is our kick guy, he's the guy who pulls.
"The thing that separates Jason from the rest is his running ability and his athleticism. He can block to the second level meaning he can get to the linebacker and even safeties. The best thing he does though is pass block."
"Jason also plays nose guard for us," Cox said. "He's pretty hard to block. As good as he is for us as a defensive player, he projects as an offensive guard."
"I was told that Jason did quite well at USC's camp this past summer," Cox said. "I was told that he was one of the best linemen at the camp."
"Regarding recruiting, most of the Pac 10 has shown interest," Cox said. "Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State and USC have shown interest in Jason."
In the weight room, Anderson benches 385, squats 450 and cleans 230. He was an all-city and all-league performer as a junior.