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Skill talent stands out at Jacksonville NUC

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The National Underclassmen Combine made its second stop of the season in Florida recently, with two events at Wolfson High School in Jacksonville. Just as the recent event in Boca Raton did not disappoint, once again there was a great deal of impressive talent at this stop. Leading the way in Jacksonville during the morning session was Overall MVP CB Daniel Jones of Florida High School.
Jones (5 feet 9, 155 pounds) showed spectacular ball skills throughout the morning, and also possesses great athleticism and footwork. During the combine events, the sophomore had a 9'7" broad, 32.5-inch vertical, 4.51 40, 4.39 shuttle, and 19 reps on 155 pounds.
The Fastest Man Award went to sophomore safety Rashad Knight of Trinity Catholic. Knight (5 feet 9, 180 pounds) had a 4.42 40, which won him the award for the morning session. Proving that he wasn't just about speed, Knight also had a 30.5-inch vertical and 8'9" broad.
The deepest position of the morning session was likely at running back, where three players stood out. Taking home the MVP at the position was sophomore Camren Hudson (5 feet 10, 182 pounds) of Rickards High School. Hudson showed great feet and fabulous all-around skills during the one-on-ones. He was equally impressive during the combine events, where he had a 34-inch vertical, 9'7" broad, 4.32 shuttle, 4.60 40, and 23 reps on 155 pounds.
Also deserving special mention at running back are sophomore Robert Boswell of Fleming Island High School and sophomore Frantanzy Bryant of Eagles View Academy. Boswell (5 feet 8, 163 pounds) showed excellent feet and quickness during the morning, and he had a 4.50 40, 8'9" broad, 4.33 shuttle, 19 reps on 155 pounds, an a 25.5-inch vertical. Bryant was equally impressive during the drills and one-on-ones, plus at 5 feet 9 and 162 pounds, he had a 30-inch vertical, 8'11" broad, 4.39 shuttle, 4.58 40, and 17 reps on 155 pounds.
Chiles High School represented itself very well in the morning with four award winners. First was OL MVP sophomore Gage Baxter of Chiles High School. Baxter (6-foot-1 ½, 280 pounds) showed an impressive kick slide and overall technique during the morning, and also had a 22.5-inch vertical, 6'3" broad, 5.42 40, 5.08 shuttle, and 12 reps on 185 pounds.
Winning the Strongest Man award was sophomore DL Thomas Martin. Martin, 5-foot-7 1/2 and 272 pounds, had 19 reps at 185 pounds to take home the award. The LB MVP went to sophomore D.J. Price. Although undersized at 5-foot-8 1/2 and 185 pounds, Price was extremely physical and showed great athleticism and quickness. During the combine events he also had a 28-inch vertical, 4.92 40, 4.56 shuttle, and 23 reps on 155 pounds. And winning the final award for Chiles was WR MVP Cason Knight. The 5-foot-9, 181-pound sophomore was strong, smart, and had very aggressive hands, plus he had a 31-inch vertical, 8'7" broad, 4.59 shuttle, 4.68 40, and 15 reps on 155 pounds.
Showing a great deal of potential at quarterback was MVP Samuel Wood of Stanton College Prep. At 6-foot-3 and 173 pounds, the freshman showed a impressive release and did very well in his drops. He also had a 26.5-inch vertical, 4.56 shuttle, and 8'2.5" broad. Another freshman who shined was Freshman MVP Sherard Washington of Nathan B. Forrest High School. Washington, who measured in at only 5 feet 0 and 105 pounds, was a human spark plug during the morning. The frosh also had a 4.7 40, 4.61 shuttle, and 27-inch vertical.
Winning the last positional award of the morning was DB MVP Lo Wood of Apopka High School. Wood (5 feet 10, 162 pounds) showed great explosion to the receiver, and fabulous ball skills and athleticism. During the combine events, he also had a 27-inch vertical, 9'1.5" broad, 4.30 shuttle, 4.58 40, and 10 reps on 155 pounds.
Coming from host Wolfson High School was Leadership Award winner LB Sean Calhoun, who as a freshman did an amazing job of motivating the linebacker group. At 5-foot-8 and 150 pounds, Calhoun also had an 8'6" broad and 4.75 shuttle.
The last two awards during the morning session were given to the Freshman and Sophomore Combine Kings. The freshman winner was safety Tyjuan Fray of Trinity Catholic. Fray (5 feet 10 1/2, 180 pounds) had a 27-inch vertical, 4.79 40, 4.51 shuttle, 24 reps on 135 pounds, and an 8'8.5" broad. Winning for the sophomores was safety Joshua Thomas of the Florida State University School. Thomas (5 feet 8 ½, 171 pounds) was also a impressive athlete on the field, but truly shined during the combine events with a 9'1" broad, 29.5-inch vertical, 4.70 40, 4.26 shuttle, and 25 reps on 155 pounds.