Sizemore close to receiving more offers

Lancaster (Pa.) Manheim Township linebacker Nick Sizemore holds one offer from the MAC. The 6-foot-1, 218-pounder is hearing from a number of other schools in the Big East and Big Ten who may offer soon. Does he have any leaders?
"I have an offer right now from Buffalo," he said. "That's it so far, but a lot of other schools want to see my senior tape and then they'll make a decision after that.
"I'm hearing from Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Illinois and Syracuse. It sounds like a lot of schools are close. They are worried about my speed. They want to see if I improve at all."
Sizemore is looking at heading to a couple schools this fall.
"I'm going to go up to a Buffalo game in October. I want to go up to Connecticut for a game too."
Does the two-star prospect like anybody?
"I really like UConn," he stated. "I went up there for camp and the coaches were really cool. They took time to teach and not just tell you how to do it. They have really nice facilities and I like the campus and school."
Sizemore opens the season on August 29th.
"Our defense should be pretty good this year," he said. "We have a lot of guys returning on defense.
"I have gotten a lot faster and stronger in the offseason. I'm playing a lot better too. I want to make more tackles."