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Siverand eyes summer decision

Houston (Texas) Cypress Ridge Rivals250 wide receiver Kemah Siverand has plenty of options. There is Arizona State, Arkansas, Cal, LSU, Louisville, Ohio State, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and the offer list continues.
The 6-foot-1, 190-pound standout is thankful for all of the attention and he is welcoming it all as the spring evaluation period kicks into high gear.
"As far as recruiting, like my coach told me it's crazy right now, it's getting pretty crazy," Siverand said. "It has not gotten as crazy as he said it would, but coach says they've come into the school and that's nice and a blessing.
"As far as favorites, I don't have any favorites right now. I'm still in the slow point. I've seen recruits committing and decommitting, and I don't think that's right. When I commit to a university I want to make sure I'm doing it and sticking with it. I won't make a decision until July 5 or the 10. Hopefully I'm still in the mix to get invited to the Opening, and if I make it to it, I'll announce it there. I'll narrow down my decision before that in June.
Before he makes a move to narrow down his list he does plan to take a few unofficial visits. Ohio State, Missouri, and Texas Tech are three potential trips he mentioned along with stops at Texas and Texas A&M.
Northwestern was the first school to see him this spring and Ohio State was soon after. The likes of West Virginia, Stanford, UCF, and Cal have also stopped through the school.
He is currently keeping an open mind, but he is closely watching one factor.
"Now I really want to put my interest into schools who throw the ball around a lot," Siverand said. "Like Texas Tech they throw the ball around a lot. Texas A&M they throw the ball around a lot. I went to Texas' spring game and they are picking up on throwing the ball because coach Strong is doing with the offense. Ohio State is throwing the ball. Oklahoma State throws it really well. Missouri throws it. Just schools who really throw the ball around, which at my position, I'm a receiver, I want to get touches with the ball."
He also has a few more factors high on his list.
"All the colleges, I don't want to say they're the same, but a lot of colleges are just as good as the other colleges. There's not that much separation in them," Siverand said. "I just want to have a place that feels like home. And education-wise I want to still keep my word and major in petroleum engineering. If that doesn't work out I want to branch off of engineering because they're so many phases that engineering has."