Sintim will take VTech visit

Woodbridge (Va.) Gar-Field defensive end Clint Sintim was rumored to be close to a decision. Sintim, who is recovering from a broken leg, has had time to think about his decision. Is Sintim ready to decide?
"No, I am not ready yet. I was thinking about it, but I think I am going to take my last visit to Virginia Tech. I owe it to myself to take a look before making a decision that could impact the rest of my life. Virginia has the lead right now. I feel really comfortable with them but I have nothing to compare it to." Said the 6-foot-3, 254 pound defensive end.
Sintim is set to undergo surgery to insert a screw in his lower leg on Wednesday. Is Clint still feeling the recruiting heat?
"Yes, I go to in to have surgery on Wednesday, but Virginia and Virginia Tech are coming in on Tuesday night. The phone has rang off the hook since I injured my leg. Virginia came by and four of their coaches signed my cast. Virginia Tech and Maryland have called to check on me."
Sintim said he plans on visiting Virginia Tech on Jan. 30 and will be ready to decide shortly after his visit to Blacksburg. Clint said that the doctors expect him to begin rehabbing his injury 4-6 weeks after his surgery.