Sintim misses VT visit

Defensive end Clint Sintim, a big-time recruit from Woodbridge (Va.) Gar-Field, was scheduled to take an official visit to Virginia Tech this weekend. Things didn't work out as he had planned.
"I wasn't able to go to Virginia Tech over the weekend," said Sintim. "The weather here was pretty bad and I thought it was best to just pick another date. I definitely want to reschedule it though, so I'll be there another time."
The 6-foot-3, 254-pound defensive end combines good speed and quickness with a strong upper body. What's on his schedule in the near future?
"I'm going to Virginia on an official visit next week, but beyond that I'm not 100-percent sure," he said. "Coach Golden from Virginia was just here at my house, and Virginia Tech's coaches were here sometime in the middle of last week. I'm not sure if there are any other coaches coming by for in-homes soon."
Is Sintim leaning towards one particular school?
"There isn't one school I like more than anyone else, but Virginia, Virginia Tech and Maryland are my top three," he said. "Those three are all about even. Beyond that, I'm still considering Ohio State and Tennessee. All those schools have offered me a scholarship. I'd like to visit all those schools if I get a chance, but it will be tough."
He doesn't have a specific timeframe for when he'd like to make his decision.
"I'll make my decision when there is no doubt left in my mind about where I want to be. When I feel the time is right, I'll decide. I don't want to second guess myself at all."