Simpson ready to hit the camp circuit

There is talent to spare on the field at Lancaster High School in Lancaster, Texas. In the secondary alone there are four players already with division I scholarship offers. Consequently, the competition level is high in Spring Practice and wide receiver John Simpson has been delivering.
"We've got one more practice then we have our Spring Game on Friday," Simpson said on Wednesday evening. "It's been good. I feel better and more confident and haven't been injured. Practice has been going good."
The loads of talent at Lancaster has been a draw for numerous coaches during the Spring evaluation period, many of which have come by to see Simpson.
"I've been talking to some coaches," he said. "I've been having a real good connection with Tulsa, the University of Iowa and SMU. Nebraska came and talked to our coach and the Tulsa coach. I'm going to the Tulsa camp on June 12. They said if I perform well they'll offer me. Iowa State has also been showing me a lot of interest."
Simpson recently sent out his film to his top six schools thus far in the process. Those schools are Iowa State, Tulsa, Iowa, SMU, Troy and Louisiana Tech. He also has high expectations for himself at the camps he plans to attend as he put on a good show at the Nike Training Camp on the TCU campus.
"I was catching passes back and forth and dominating the drill," he said. "I learned a lot of stuff that I didn't know. During the footwork drills, I knew it all and I was comfortable with it because I do it every day in practice."
Simpson hopes to continue to show off in the camp settings.
"I'm searching right now for camps that I can go to," he said. "My whole goal this year is camps, camps, camps. I'm trying to go to as many camps as I can because they say the summer of your junior year is the most important time."
Simpson has also been working on improving his body and preparing it for the fall.
"This offseason I've gained about 30 pounds," he said. "At the beginning of the season I was about 6-1 149 or 150 pounds. The last time I stepped on the scale I was 181 pounds."
Simpson has the added bonus of working against one of the most talented secondaries you will find anywhere in the country – or they have the bonus of working against him.
"Some of them tell me that I'm the hardest person they have to go against so by the time they get to the game they just dominate," he said. "I've been with them since freshman year and I'm just happy to see them become men and dominate. I think our secondary is the best we've ever had. I go against them and I make them better and they make me better."