Simpkins looking at more visits

Fredericksburg (Va.) Chancellor defensive end Clinton Simpkins holds four offers. The 6-foot-3, 215-pounder has begun to look at visits, has he set up a date yet?
"As of right now I haven't gone anywhere else since West Virginia," he said. "I'm looking into a date to get back down to NC State. I've got to work it out to get either my mom or coach to take me down there."
Simpkins confirmed he is looking at officials as well.

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"I'm starting to look into those, I've got to do a little more work on my end first though," he said. "I think I may hold off till I have more time. I'm still keeping my eyes and ears open to anyone else willing to come in."
Simpkins maintains there are no favorites at this time.
The three-star prospect has helped Chancellor to an 8-0 record and an important matchup with fellow undefeated James Monroe.
"I think with all the work we put in the offseason it's really showing and really paying off," he stated. "This season was kind of expected, I didn't think we'd be this good. I just expected us to be good.
"I think I'm playing well right now. Compared to years past I'm stronger, faster and I know more. I think I have somewhere in the area of 70 tackles this season."