Simmons breaks down three favorites

McKeesport, Pa. defensive tackle Delvon Simmons holds six offers and late this week he spoke about the three schools he has at the top of his list.
Simmons has all of the same offers his teammate Branden Jackson have, but he also has a scholarship from UConn. North Carolina, Michigan, West Virginia, Syracuse and Illinois have also put offers on the table, but only three of those schools are in a great position.
"Syracuse came in (Thursday) and told me they were offering," Simmons said. "That was the most recent one."

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The 6-foot-5, 265-pound defensive tackle has a high motor and good athleticism for a prospect his size, and those are just two of the reasons he's coveted by college coaches.
He has been on the road a couple of times early this year in an effort to check out some of the schools that have been recruiting him.
"Well, I went out to Pitt for their little spring practice or whatever it was. I liked Pitt but I don't like that it's too close to home. I don't really want to be so close to home.
"I went to West Virginia for their junior day and I liked it. I like the campus, how everything's real close. It's not real spread out. That's a positive. I like the coaches, the facilities and everything else up there."
He went on to say that he would probably not be considering Pitt even if they Panthers were to offer down the road.
This summer Simmons hopes to visit more of the schools that have been recruiting him. His coach has been working on a trip for he and his teammate Branden Jackson to take to North Carolina.
Simmons did admit that three schools are at the top of his list for now.
"It would probably be North Carolina, West Virginia and Michigan. They're all pretty even at this point," he said.
"I haven't talked to North Carolina a lot. I've maybe talked to them twice. I like how they've been open with me. They sound good right now but I've got to go up there and get to know them some more before I say too much.
"Michigan is the same thing pretty much. I like their coach -- the recruiting coach for around my area. I met him in person and he seems like a real nice dude."