Shultz clarifies his recruitment

Gettysburg, Pa. defensive end Logan Shultz was scheduled to take his first official visit this past weekend. The 6-foot-2, 259-pounder didn't make the trip. Will he still go and what is next for Shultz?
"I was supposed to go up to Boston College, but I got a call a week ago from one of the coaches and they told me they booked all their scholarships and couldn't recruit me anymore. They don't have a scholarship for me anymore."
With Boston College out, Shultz still holds one offer from West Virginia. Where do they stand for him?
"I like West Virginia, but I'm not sure about the defense they run," he said. "I really want to find a defense I fit into. They are a lovely place and somewhere I'd be glad to go too."
Other schools including Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Clemson and Rutgers are also showing interest.
"I'm really waiting to see what happens with Pitt," he said. "I really like them and I just sent off my senior film there. Once they sit down and watch it they'll get back to me about a decision if they'll offer or not.
"I also sent film to the other schools. I'll see what happens from there with them as well."
There's no question Pittsburgh is leading for the two-star prospect. What does he like about the Panthers?
"I've been out there so many times and I really like when I went for visits," he said. "I like where they are going to be in a couple years. They are on the rise. The coaches are great too. I even know a couple players on the team."
Shultz hasn't taken any visits to date and has none planned in the future due to the playoffs.
"We're 9-1 and the No. 2 seed in the district," he said. "We start the playoffs on Friday and I'm really looking forward to it. I just hope guys on our team don't get big heads. We can put together a nice playoff run."
The No. 37 prospect in Pennsylvania has had a solid year registering approximately 14 sacks this season.
"I'm doing really well," he said. "I started out slow when I was playing defensive end since teams were going away from me. Then they moved me inside to tackle and I love it there. I'm beating the snot out of guys in the middle and they can't run anymore."