Short list coming for 2016 QB McIlwain

Brandon McIlwain, one of the most highly coveted quarterbacks in the 2016 class, is nearing a major milestone in his recruitment. The Newtown (Pa.) Council Rock North signal caller will be announcing his top six in the very near future.
"I still keep in contact with coaches as much as I can," said the 6-foot, 205-pound McIlwain. "On Tuesday I'm going to narrow down my list. I still need to sit down with my parents and talk about which schools are the best for me."
There are a few schools that have a very good chance at making McIlwain's short list because of his relationship with certain coaches.
"I'm closest with the coaches that I've been talking to the longest," he said. "Coach DiMichele, the receivers coach at Temple, I have a very good relationship with him and I've been talking to him since my freshman year. I've also been talking to coach Mangus from South Carolina since my freshman year also. I also have good relationships with coach Lashlee from Auburn and Loeffler from Virginia Tech. I've been talking to them for a very long time.
"At this point I'm in touch with pretty much all the coaches," McIlwain said. "It's really me calling them. I'm in closer contact with the schools that I've visited but there are even a few that I have yet to visit that I'm still talking to."
McIlwain visited a number of schools during the summer including Arizona, Stanford, Penn State, Ohio State, North Carolina, Auburn, Florida and many others.
"All the visits I went on were awesome," he said. "All the schools I visited were such great schools. There were great academic presentations and great facilities. That's why it's tough to say that a few really stood out."
Even with all of those visits under his belt, there is still one school McIlwain wants to get to.
"I don't have any visits planned right now," said McIlwain. "I still want to go to Michigan State but I'm not sure when I'll be able to get there."
McIlwain helped Council Rock North to seven wins last season.