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Shields names two leaders

This summer tight end Jack Shields has attended camps at Boston College, Wisconsin, Virginia and Duke. Did any of the visits stand out to the 6-foot-5, 240-pounder?
"I liked Virginia and Wisconsin a lot," he said. "The campus was unbelievable at UVA and the coaches are good guys. I had never been down to Virginia before, but it was nice to see. I had never been to Wisconsin either, but they have a huge campus and I like it a lot there. The school is surrounded by two lakes and even though it's in the Midwest, it has a coastal feel to it."
Shields has not received an offer yet, but schools are mentioning the possibility.
"A couple of schools told me to call them back like Wisconsin, Duke and Virginia who said they have to evaluate more," he said. "I haven't gotten back to them yet, but I'm going to this week. Of the three, Wisconsin seemed the most sure as I'll most likely get one before September 1st. If I were to get an offer from Virginia or Wisconsin, I would most likely commit because I like those schools the best so far."
Both Duke and Boston College have sort of dropped off the radar for the tight end prospect.
"I know Duke has offered a few tight ends and I went to UVA right after my visit there and Virginia was unbelievable, so I'd put them ahead of Duke," he said. "I went to Boston College, but they didn't seem like they had too much interest. I'm starting to look at other schools instead."
The prospect is still looking at making a trip to Penn State and Syracuse this summer.
Shields was hoping to make a decision on his commitment soon, but the tight end probably will wait.
"At first I thought I wanted to do it early, but now I'm thinking not before September," he said. "I want to see where all these kids will be going and find the best school for me."
Shields was named preseason first team all-state Eastern Massachusetts. The prospect is looking to prove the nomination right in a new position.
"I played quarterback and wide receiver last year, but I'll be playing tight end this season," he said. "I'll be ready in the position and I did fine at the camps. I want to show the schools that I can play tight end and I'm looking forward to having a good season."