Sherit narrowing his list, making plans

Tampa (Fla.) Hillsborough four-star defensive end Jordan Sherit is hoping to hit the road a few more times between now and the start of his senior year.
"I am trying to get to Florida State this week (for camp) and I think that is about 50-50 right now," Sherit said. "I am probably going to Friday Night Lights (at Florida in late July) and I am trying to go to Miami for that rising senior day in August.
"As far as other visits outside of the state, those will have to probably wait until my officials," Sherit added.

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The 6-foot-5, 234-pound defensive end has begun to plan some official visits. He has two destinations in mind and shared some specific dates that are a possibility for him flying to their campuses.
"I am trying to plan some officials now," Sherit said. "I am starting to plan Stanford and Notre Dame. With Stanford, I think it will be the USC or Arizona game. For Notre Dame, it might possibly be the Michigan game."
Sherit, who claims three dozen offers, has been able to narrow his list down drastically but is still working to cut it down further.
"I have 10 set, but I am trying to get it down to eight or maybe even six," Sherit said. "I am trying to narrow it down further so I can plan all of my visits. My issue is that I haven't been able to get out of the state very much so I have had trouble seeing some schools and I don't know how I feel about them. I have liked everywhere that I have previously visited. I want to get out and see some more places but unfortunately time hasn't allowed me to do that. Right now I am just trying to see which schools I can put there in my top list without actually seeing yet."
He shared the ten schools that made the cut and talked about one who is on the cusp of that group.
"The ten are South Florida, Florida, Miami, Notre Dame, Stanford, Clemson, Ohio State, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Vanderbilt," Sherit said. "Florida State could be in there. They haven't offered. They want me to meet the coaches this week. They are a school that is on the bubble for me. I am hoping to visit to see if I like it and see what they are about."
With regards to a decision, Sherit intends to take some visits and learn more about potential schools before reaching a decision. He isn't ready to name a clear-cut leader but admits that a foursome of schools have emerged as serious contenders at this time.
"I don't have a leader but I could put a few schools up towards the top but I couldn't single out one school at this time," Sherit said. "I would probably put Notre Dame, Stanford, Florida, and Vanderbilt up there."
Sherit made it clear that his decision will come down to both academics and football.