Sherfield on the verge of more

Danville, Ill., three-star athlete Trent Sherfield has been flying under the radar, but bolstered by an MVP performance at the Chicago Rivals Camp he is starting to gain momentum on the recruiting trail.
"Going up against the best in the Midwest - going against Dominique Booth - it gives me a ton of confidence," Sherfield said of his Rivals Camp performance. "Just going out there and competing with all those good players was a fun experience."
Sherfield went into the Rivals Camp with his only BCS offer being from Indiana. Illinois offered shortly after and the interest from other schools has increased steadily in recent weeks as well.

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"I think Vanderbilt will offer me soon," Sherfield said. "I will go up there in June to camp, then I will go to Louisville and camp. Cincinnati said they were going to offer, so I am going to go there and camp as well. Minnesota wants me to come out and Purdue is coming to my school [Friday]. It's really starting to pick up right now, so this should be fun."
While the recruiting attention has picked up, Sherfield has not forgotten Indiana being the first to offer him a scholarship.
"It plays a lot into my interest in them," Sherfield said. "They were the first Big Ten school to offer me. I really thought Illinois was going to be the first one, but Indiana, they treat me like family. It was a big shocker they offered me first."
Illinois did come back with an offer earlier this month, and Sherfield was informed of the offer from head coach Tim Beckman.
"He said he liked what he saw, he knew I was a good football player and they were going to go ahead and offer me now," Sherfield said. "It's a real good relationship and I talk to Coach [Greg] Colby all the time. He is a Danville man and played with my head coach. It's a real nice thing for him to be over there because he knows where I come from and I know where he comes from."
Although the recruiting process has sped up for him recently, Sherfield is focused on his schooling and looking ahead to summer camps.
"I'm really just taking my time right now," Sherfield said. "I want to focus on the right things, and the right things are finishing out my year strong. Me and my mom will sit down and talk about the schools when it is time."
The 6-foot-1, 184-pound Sherfield earned his MVP award for his play at defensive back, which is where most schools project him, but teams like Miami (Ohio), Northern Illinois and Illinois State are still recruiting him as a quarterback.