Shelton-Mosley staying busy

Justice Shelton-Mosley has been loading up on offers and the three-star receiver who shined at the RCS Northern California could not be happier.
Washington State and Boston College are the newest ones for the Sacramento (Calif.) Capital Christian standout but schools like Cal Poly cannot be counted out either because Shelton-Mosley is serious about his academics.
"I'm just trying to figure out which school is going to offer me the most," Shelton-Mosley said. "They all offer something great.
"Cal Poly is a great engineering school. Washington State has a great environment around the school. Boston College is a great academic and athletic school. They're all pretty good offers. I'm just taking a step back and really trying to figure things out, taking them all in. in a few months I'm going to break it all down."
The latest round of offers was a surprise for Shelton-Mosley, who was close to winning the wide receiver MVP at the Rivals camp. He has talked with all the programs but was not expecting offers this early.
"Washington State was a big surprise," Shelton-Mosley said. "I did not see that coming. They send me 100,000 letters but I've never been in contact with them.
"I've been talking to Boston College lately. Colorado is a pretty big surprise. These Pac-12 schools I didn't see myself getting offers anytime soon. There are East Coast schools and high academic schools but I've been getting a lot of Pac-12 and it's picking up. It's great. It's close to home so it's exciting."
So far, the Sacramento Capital Christian recruit has been offered by Arizona, Boston College, Cal, Colorado, Duke, Harvard, Nevada, Northwestern, UC-Davis, Utah, Utah State, Washington State and Yale.
Although Shelton-Mosley has no frontrunners yet, Cal definitely has stood out for some time and the Golden Bears have made an impression.
"I've been in contact with them a lot," Shelton-Mosley said. "They'll be here during spring ball. Cal has always liked me and that's one of the schools I'm really taking interest in. Cal has been there since my sophomore year when I went on a visit.
"They have the No. 1 business school in the country and business is one of the things I might want to do so it offers a lot, too."