Shazier has family ties to Baylor

It is now safe to say that Ryan Shazier is a national recruit. It was clear that Shazier was an elite athlete and would be a highly recruited prospect early on. However, regional offers have expanded into national offers and on Tuesday, Shazier picked up four new offers of the national variety in Baylor, Nebraska, Rutgers and Minnesota.
"Minnesota was a surprise," Shazier said. "Nebraska and Rutgers I kind of knew they were going to offer."
The fourth offer, Baylor, was a relative surprise as well but Shazier holds more than just a fleeting interest in the Big 12 program. It's safe to say that the Bears will work one particular angle very heavily.

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"Baylor I was surprised I got that one because that's my dad's alma mater and I think he wants me to go there," he said. "I'm from Florida but we had moved out there for three years. My dad went out there to get his masters in divinity because he was going to be a pastor so he likes Baylor a lot and I figured that they'd try to come because they always try to get family ties to the college."
Shazier lived in Waco with his family for three years from the ages of 9 to 12. The experience can be classified as a positive one for Shazier and that familiarity could work in Baylor's favor.
"I liked the area because of the environment and the people were real nice," he said. "I like how their weather is. Sometimes it feels hotter up there than down here but I still like the area. It's calm. Everything's not in a big rush. But I like Florida. You can have a big time down here. You have a lot of fun."
With two Big 12, one Big East and one Big Ten offer - all from different states - coming in one day, coaches clearly believe that Shazier is open to getting outside of the state of Florida and the southeast. Shazier agrees that it is a possibility.
"Location is not a priority to me," he said. "Me and my parents already talked about that because we know that in the long run I may not even live in Florida."
In the short-term however, Shazier has some in-state trips lined up.
"I'm visiting South Florida this weekend and then we're having a seven-on-seven tournament next weekend and then March 27 and 28 I'm supposed to be visiting Florida, Florida state and probably Central Florida."
With all of his scholarship offers and opportunities, Shazier has the opportunity to commit virtually any time he pleases. He currently has not time frame, with one exception. He plans to enroll early, so he plans to have his decision made before that December graduation date.