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Shaw cornerback putting in the work

BATON ROUGE, La. – If you put Westwego (La.) Archbishop Shaw cornerback Chad Boyd up against a tape measure, he may just miss the 5-foot-10 mark. If you put him on the scales, he weighs in at under 190 pounds. But if you're measuring his work ethic and attitude on and off the field, the defensive back is off the charts.
Boyd lines up at cornerback and safety for his strong high school program and he finds a way to make his presence felt nearly any time the opposing team has the ball. Despite his versatility, Boyd has a clear preference for where he lines up.
"Cornerback," Boyd said. "I have the speed and coverage ability to stick to most receivers. I just know that I'm better as a cornerback."
Though his cover skills are strong, he brings a lot of physicality to the table in the run game as well and has a great nose for the ball. With his strength and size on the outside, the only thing he is missing is that top gear.
"Right now the main thing to me is speed," he said. "If I want to play D-I cornerback, I already have height and size, I just gotta get faster and a little quicker. That's the main thing."
To date, Boyd doesn't list any offers but when he proves that that speed is coming along the offers likely will as well. His plans to visit some camps and combines may help his cause.
"I plan to go to the LSU camp in the summer," he said. "I'll try to go to Ole Miss or Auburn or Alabama and I hope to be here (in Baton Rouge) in April again for the Nike Training Camp.
"Right now I'm getting a lot of letters from Ole Miss and Duke. Hopefully after a couple of visits or something an offer will come my way."
In the meantime, Boyd has a senior season to worry about and his team has set the bar high over the past two seasons.
"Archbishop Shaw has made it to the State 4A the last two years," he said. "We're just trying to continue the legacy and what we've got going on right now and win us a state title."
Boyd is doing his part and more to get there.
"Right now I'm in track and offseason workouts at school," he said. "If I'm not doing that I'm on the football field helping receivers and quarterbacks."