Shankle claims a top two

Rivals250 cornerback Terry Shankle is close to narrowing his list. The Norwood (N.C.) South Stanly prospect claims four to five schools are in the mix, but two lead at this time.
"My list is mostly North Carolina, NC State, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida is in there too," he said. "Those first four are really in my mind because I get a good vibe from them. I felt like those schools will let me come in and play or I can make an impact in the future.
"I was at North Carolina and NC State not too long ago. I'll probably be going to Tennessee and Alabama in the near future."
Shankle currently claims two schools are leading amongst the group.
"I'd say UNC and NC State are leading," he said. "They are local and I get along with the coaches. I talk to the coaches and get a good vibe from them."
The four-star prospect mentioned plans to head back to North Carolina for their opener against McNeese State on August 30th.
Meanwhile, the 5-foot-10, 167-pounder is preparing for his season opener, Friday.
"Practice has been going good," he said. "I think we're going to be one of the top teams in the state, we didn't lose anybody.
"I feel good. I feel like I learned a lot and improve on offense and defense in the offseason. I want to improve on my footwork and coverage even more."
Shankle is expected to play cornerback, wide receiver and backup quarterback this season.