Severin one to watch in 2012

Worcester Academy in Massachusetts is home to one of the region's top athletes from the Class of 2012 in Canaan Severin, a prospect you will be hearing much more about over the next year.
Severin, a 6-foot-2, 215-pound athlete that plays wide receiver and safety in high school, could project at any number of positions in college.
He has received an offer from Boston College already, with the Eagles' coaches telling him they would like to give him a shot at either receiver or safety. How did Boston College first get involved with him, and what are his thoughts on BC?

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"They came to visit me at Worcester and coach Devine wanted me to come to the camp to see me play and see how I run," Severin explained.
"I did the camp for four days and right after the camp coach Devine came up to me and offered me a (verbal) scholarship."
That was an exciting moment for Severin to say the least.
"Definitely, definitely. It was exciting. My mom went there (Boston College) and my dad went to Boston University.
"I mean, there's a few other schools I really like and want to look into and right now I don't have any favorites. But BC was the first to offer me and that was exciting. Since I'm from Massachusetts that would be a dream, but I want to see what other schools come.
"My coach says now that BC has offered all the other schools will come along. He said it's about to get real exciting."
Severin said Oregon, UConn, Tulane and Iowa are some of the other schools that have been showing various degrees of interest at this early stage.
Where does he plan on going from here?
"I think I'm pretty much done for the summer," he said. "I need to talk to my coach but I think I'll really get started (with focusing on the recruiting process) next year.
"I was actually just thinking about (when he would like to make a decision) yesterday. I think committing towards the end of your junior year sounds like a good idea. Either that or at the beginning of your senior season. I don't want to wait it out really late, but the end of my junior year or beginning of my senior year sounds good."
Last fall Severin caught 30 passes for 400 yards as a sophomore.