Setting it straight

SPRING, Texas - It's no secret that Klein (Texas) Collins running back Michael Goodson is still perusing a couple of college options since committing to Oklahoma State in early July. After trying to take a break from answering questions about his recruitment, the Rivals100 member is ready to come clean about his future intentions.
Goodson says that he is planning on three official visits currently, with one already set up. Of course, Oklahoma State is the first school that he names off as a trip and the No. 5 rated player in Texas says he's still committed. However, one team will host him for sure early next month.
"Right now, it's still Oklahoma State all the way," Goodson said. "I've also been talking with Texas A&M and USC and those guys aren't out of it yet. I've set up my USC visit. I'll be heading up there on Dec. 2. I'm also going to visit OSU and A&M for sure. I just don't have anything set up dates-wise."

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The two teams trying to get Goodson away from OSU have been peaking his interest for months, but for different reasons.
"USC, I mean, they're just USC," Goodson said. "There is nothing more you can say about them. It's rich tradition just like A&M. Both also have great running backs. Plus, Texas A&M is right up the road and they're not that far."
However, Goodson is still committed to the Cowboys for the same reason that came to his mind when he first got a glimpse of his possible college future on a visit.
"My dad and I were heading to Oklahoma and we decided, hey, let's go visit Oklahoma State," Goodson said. "They embraced me like family. All the players were great and the facilities were amazing. It's just a place and a team that you really want to play for."
One thing that has kept things quiet on the Goodson front lately has been his exhaustion from all the attention. In the beginning he was excited about the process, but soon enough things got a bit hectic.
"Its fun at first," Goodson said about the recruiting process. "Then, you get settled in, and you can't sleep with people calling you at all times of the night. It's pretty crazy."
Goodson, the No. 47 rated prospect in the country, will make things clear when he plays in the U.S. Army All-American game.
Even though his Collins team did not make the playoffs, he still likes to look back on what he calls a very successful career at the high school level. However, as Signing Day approaches and college is around the corner, he remembers where it started.
"The high point was my junior year," Goodson said. "We were good, made the playoffs for the first time, and it made me feel real good being around my coaches and those players. This year it's different because we had a lot of people graduate."
"Now, I'm just looking forward to stepping foot on a college campus. That's the next big thing for me."