Sells grabbing offers

Lucas (Texas) Lovejoy 2016 quarterback Bowman Sells continues to see the recruiting attention grow.
The Ohio State Buckeyes are the most recent to offer the standout quarterback, who also counts offers from the Clemson Tigers and Iowa Hawkeyes, and he is taking in each and every opportunity.
"Right now I have offers from Ohio State, Clemson, and Iowa," Sells said. "I just recently got back from a trip to Ohio State. I was up there for their one day camp on the 19th. That's a cool place. I like them a lot. Clemson, I'm very interested in Clemson. Texas and Oklahoma, they've shown a lot of interest in me. There's some schools I haven't really looked at yet and haven't reached out to me that I would be interested in. I don't know, I'm still pretty open."

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He has camped at Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio State this summer, and there was plenty to enjoy at each stop.
"I got to see the campus and it was a really cool campus," Sells said of Oklahoma. "Their facilities are really nice. I like coach Heupel a lot and coach Stoops is a cool guy too. I like them all."
"Shawn Watson, he's a good coach too," he said of Texas. "Their facilities are very nice as well. Their coaching staff, I like them a lot."
And most recent stop at Ohio State did not disappoint.
"The town was actually a lot different than I expected," Sells said. "I really liked the town. Everyone was really nice there. It was kind of a family atmosphere. It was really nice."
Sells is not claiming any leaders at this point in his recruiting process, and he is not in a hurry to make his decision. Quarterback recruiting can get sped up more than other positions, but he does not feel any pressure right now.
"I don't think so at all," Sells said. "I mean I'll try to make a decision before my senior year just so I can play my senior year and not have to worry about it and help the school I'm going to go to recruit other people too."
Sells also has a good idea about what he is looking for in his future college home.
"A school that's going to get me ready to go pro," Sells said. "I want to be able to have a good relationship with my coaches on and off the field and know they actually care about me. And just a school where I can win a national championship."