Secret is out

Each year there is more than a handful of prospects that fly under the recruiting radar, even well into their senior seasons. Cases such as Andrew Turzilli, however, are few and far between.
The 6-foot-4, 185-pound wide receiver from Butler, New Jersey, recently made a startling revelation in an interview with It started with some rumors that had been recently circulating, and Turzilli confirmed the rumors as true.
"I committed to Kansas back in August," Turzilli said. "I've just kind of kept it quiet since then. I don't really know why, I just didn't want to advertise it. It's weird. Everybody's in the dark."
Turzilli got his first taste of what Kansas is like over the summer when he attended a camp hosted by the Jayhawks.
"I went to the camp in July, and then a couple of weeks later they sent me the offer," he said. "I just committed after that. When I went to the camp, that was the first time I had met them. My head coach's brother is the running backs coach at Kansas, so he had me come to the camp. I guess the coaches just liked me."
The talented youngster cited his desire to play for Kansas head coach Mark Mangini and wide receivers coach David Beaty as the main factors that went into his decision. Since he committed to Kansas he has spoken to a member of the coaching staff on a weekly basis.
Though he was initially a little hesitant to attend college so far from home, eventually he decided it wouldn't be a problem.
"There was a little hesitation, but I don't think it will be a problem," he said."
Tulsa, Rutgers, Syracuse and Temple have also shown interest in Turzilli, but he said he is solid to the Jayhawks and will honor his commitment. Kansas was the only school to extend an offer.
He said his friends and plenty of people in New Jersey were aware of his decision, but word just did not spread quickly.
Turzilli will provide Kansas with a deep threat in future years. As a senior he has caught 39 passes for 750 yards and ten touchdowns.
He will take his official visit to Lawrence on January 15.