Second visit in books for Turk

Camden (N.J.) Woodrow Wilson defensive end Claude "Turk" McBride has now been to two games with more than 100,000 fans at each. So how do they compare?
"Ohio State was a blast, but so was Tennesseee," said the 6-foot-4, 235-pounder of his two official visits. "It was a little bit different because Ohio State won a huge game to go to the title game, but both places were crazy. I'd never been around that many people before at either place."
McBride was hosted by wideout Roy Hall at Ohio State.

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"He was cool," he said. "Everyone I met was cool. The atmosphere was crazy with the win and all, but I'm making sure to take in as much as I can about each school and not get caught up in all of it."
McBride doesn't have any other visits scheduled, but hopes to set his last three trips as early as this week.
"It's between Iowa, Nebraska, Miami, West Virginia and Florida for the last three," he said. "I know I'll take a trip to West Virginia and I'll probably hit Miami and Iowa but it's not all set just yet."
McBride's team is 6-3 this season and end their schedule this weekend.