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Second official visit completed

Orlando (Fla.) Jones offensive guard Duaron Williams took his second official visit this weekend, traveling to Colorado State.
"I had a really good time out there," Williams said.
Williams, who had previously taken an official visit to Kansas, talked about what stood out while on campus at Colorado State.
"The one thing that I really liked about the school is their academic structure," Williams said. "As far as their schedules and all of that, they really have it structured for every minute. I really liked that. They put a lot of time into their academics. That is the main thing that you look for when you go to college, first to get a degree and then to play football."
The Rams, who suffered an 18-15 loss to San Diego State during the visit, are interested in sliding him up-and-down the offensive line if he were to opt to come to their school.
"I talked with all of the coaches," Williams said. "Coach (Steve) Fairchild, the head coach, told me they want me to play guard and tackle. He said they have faith in my footwork enough to allow me to still play tackle at 6-foot-4. But I would primarily be a guard if I went there."
The three-star offensive lineman from the Sunshine State was hosted by a former teammate and a close friend.
"I was hosted by my former teammate Steven Michel," Williams said. "He is like my brother. We are really, really close. He is one of my closest friends. He loves it out there. Like anyone, when he first moved away from home he was a little uneasy about it but he has settled in. He loves it up there now. He likes playing for them. He says he likes the team, the coaching staff - he likes everything about the school."
The 6-foot-4, 298-pound blocker talked about where Colorado State stands after the visit.
"They were already one of my top schools," Williams said. "I just have to see all of the schools that are my top schools. After I visit all of them, I'll be able to separate one from another. It was a really good visit though. I liked to meet the coaches in-person and see what kind of people they are. Someone can tell you one thing over the phone, but when they have to look you in the eye and tell you something it carries more weight. It is different."
Williams next official visit will be to Temple on December 9th. He will officially visit Mississippi State in January. Iowa State or UCF are vying for his fifth and final official visit.