Second offer for Miramar wide receiver

One of the most dangerous passing offenses in the entire country can be found in Miramar, Fla. Leading the Miramar passing attack is Rivals250 quarterback Eugene Smith. At his disposal is one of the best route-runners in the country Stedman Bailey, a talented underclassman in Ivan McCartney and senior Terrance Gourdine.
While Smith and Bailey are still narrowing down their extensive lists of offers and McCartney is still a long way away from seeing his recruiting interest rise, Gourdine may just now be seeing his stock soar. Recently Gourdine picked up his second offer and believes that it won't be long after his team's first game that many more come in.
"I received an offer from Wisconsin," Gourdine said. "I don't really know when I received it but I know it was sometime this month. I haven't been talking to them at all. I know a little bit about them. They run the ball and it's a very cold place but that's about it. I gotta do my research."
The Badger offer joins Florida International on Gourdine's list. However, the season could bring many more.
"My coach told me that I have about 10 offers that are just waiting to be given to me after my first game," he said.
There are two offers in particular that Gourdine is hoping for.
"I have two in mind right now, USF and Notre Dame," he said. "I think they're going to offer. They want to see my first game. I really like USF and the second school I like is Notre Dame. But I really like USF. If they were to offer, I'd commit."
Before those offers come, Gourdine will be focused on fall practice and the start of the season, where he and his Miramar teammates have high expectations.
"Every time we step on the field as a unit as an offense, every time we make a bad play we do pushups or something else after practice. We're trying to be perfect and improve every day. I don't think anybody in the state or nation is working harder than us."