SEC school after Vanderdoes

Eddie Vanderdoes has picked up a few early offers and the Placer, Calif., defensive end in the 2013 class is also now hearing from Georgia which has definitely piqued his interest.
The 6-foot-4, 285-pound prospect said he'd like to hear even more from the Bulldogs.
"They started sending me recruiting information," Vanderdoes said. "They sent me a questionnaire. I definitely have interest in Georgia. It's nice that they're an SEC school, one of the most elite conferences, so it's good I'm getting attention from some SEC schools.

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"I watched their second game of the year when they played South Carolina. I went online and I checked out the campus a little bit."
Many prospects are intrigued about playing in the SEC, widely considered the nation's best conference, and Vanderdoes is no different. It is definitely of strong interest and since Georgia has gotten involved it could become a reality.
"Playing in the SEC is definitely a big thing," Vanderdoes said. "I know a good amount about Georgia, not too much, but I grew up watching college football. I know they've always been a good program and I know they always have big linemen.
"I would definitely consider playing in the SEC. The competition is amazing. They have a lot of television time. Every year the SEC wins national championships and they send a lot of people to the pros. It's just a great conference."
UCLA is the latest offer for Vanderdoes and he said it's a big one. The Bruins had only been talking to the Northern California recruit for a few weeks but he's happy to add them to his list. It's something he'll strongly consider moving forward.
Oregon State and San Jose State have also offered early on.
"UCLA was sending me a bunch of recruiting mail and they invited me to the games," Vanderdoes said. "They called my coach and said they were going to offer me.
"It's a really nice offer. It's really nice down there in Southern California. I would definitely like to play in that area. They're supposed to come watch one of my upcoming games so that's cool."