Season ends on a sour note for Wilson

Bowl games are supposed to be fun and full of fond memories, but if you ask El Dorado (Kan.) Butler County C.C. four-star running back Kenny Wilson and his teammates about their time at the Top of the Mountain Bowl you're likely to hear a different story about bowl games.
Wilson and his teammates dropped a close 17-14 loss to Snow Junior College. The loss was marred by what Wilson said were bad calls, poor sportsmanship and about everything negative you can think of.
"We had to fight everybody," Wilson, who is 6-foot and 220 pounds, said. "Everybody was against us. The refs, the fans… everybody was out to get us. There were just a lot of bad calls and not good sportsmanship by the other team.
"We went back and looked at the tape and their coaches were doing some things that I'd rather not talk about. The trip was a lot of fun, but the game was a different story."
While Wilson was frustrated at the way the season ended, he knows he has his positive future to look forward to. He said he remains a commitment to Nebraska, but he also said he'd label his pledge as a soft one.
"I told Nebraska's coaches all along that I wanted to still visit Tennessee and Florida, and that's what my plan still is," he said. "I'm going to Florida on January 20 and then Tennessee on January 27.
"I talked to the Nebraska coaches last week and told them I would about 80 percent committed. I'm going to Nebraska, but I just need to be sure."
Wilson said he did receive an in-home visit this past week from NU assistant Scott Downing.
"He's a cool guy," Wilson said. "He's real laid back. I get a good feeling talking to him every time."