Sears says Ohio State cool

When you’re one of the top prospects in the Southeast, some times a visit North of the Mason-Dixon Line can be a shock to the system. But that didn’t seem to be the case for Russellville, Ala., four-star offensive lineman Aaron Sears.
“Ohio State was cool,” Sears said referring to the atmosphere, instead of the weather.
“Rob Sims was my host, and he was a lot of fun to hang out with and see what it’s like in the town. It reminds me a lot of a big college town with a big city in it.”
Sears, though, said he’s not ready to claim a leader and is getting ready for two more full weekends of official visits.
“I’m going to Tennessee and now Miami is in the picture,” Sears said. “I’m going to Tennessee next weekend and I’m probably going to check Miami out on the 31st. I was going to go to LSU, but I don’t know about them anymore.”
Sears said he’s still likely to take an unofficial visit to Auburn some time here in the next two weeks. He does not claim a leader.