Scouting report on Michael Williams

Some list him as a safety and others a cornerback but there is no doubt Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure athlete Michael Williams is one of the best players in the West region. We saw Williams in action last Friday and were very impressed with the talented athlete.
Williams, 5-11, 185 pounds is moved all over the field by Seraph head coach Jon Mack but primarily lines up at safety, the position we feel he's best suited to play in college. Williams has corner size but plays more like a safety and is better in run support than pass coverage at this time.
Now don't get us wrong, Williams is a solid cover man and combines good speed with natural football instincts. It's just in the times we've seen him play, Williams is so much more effective coming forward than backpedaling down the field. He's a big hitter and had multiple highlight reel hits on Friday.
Williams plays the run very well and also comes off the edge in blitzing situations. He's tough to block and made several plays where he ran the ball carrier down from behind when the play was run away from him. We also like Williams' big play ability, he's one of those players that is always around the ball and has a high football IQ that should allow him to see the field early at the next level.
The athlete is also the primary return man for the Seraphs and nearly broke one on a 40 yard punt return. Williams has already returned one punt for a touchdown this year and showed good explosiveness getting up the field.
On the recruiting front, Williams has listed two schools, Notre Dame and Michigan as his favorite schools and that remains the case.
"I'm going to be visiting Notre Dame this coming weekend," Williams said. "I was set to go earlier in the year but I wanted to wait until our bye weekend which is this weekend. I'm going to visit Michigan too but I don't have a date set yet. I've really enjoyed watching both teams play this year. A lot of people have asked me how big a factor will it be in my decision that Michigan beat Notre Dame.
"Honestly, it's not a factor at all. I'm just looking for the best fit for me and where I'll be the most comfortable. I know both teams are going to be good so I'm not going to base a huge decision like this on one game. After I take my trips, I should have a better idea of what I want to do."