Scott-Emuakpor starts strong

After generating just one Division I scholarship offer prior to his senior year, East Lansing (Mich.) wide receiver Efe Scott-Emuakpor knew he needed to make a lasting impression on college coaches this fall and he started off on a good note in his season opener this past weekend.
The 6-5, 185-pound Scott-Emuakpor tallied four catches for 73 yards and a touchdown all in the first quarter in a 35-10 rout of Haslett.
"I saw a lot of extra attention and double coverage, but on both sides of the ball we just dominated from the jump," Scott-Emuakpor said. "Coaches gave me the ball early and we dominated the first quarter, then dominated the second quarter defensively. I was pretty pleased that it went really well."

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Scott-Emuakpor has been receiving attention from some of the biggest name programs in college football since his sophomore year of high school, so it was a surprise that he enters his senior season with just one scholarship offer. Scott-Emuakpor knows this fall will have a big impact on his college future, and so far he embraces that pressure.
"I think it does help," he said. "I do feel a lot of pressure. A lot of people tell me not to worry about it, but it's hard not to. I just use it as motivation and let it drive me. All the schools want to see my first three, four or five games and Friday night was a pretty good start."
The lack of college scholarship offers have nothing to do with Scott-Emuakpor's performance in the classroom. He currently holds a 3.49 GPA and has already scored a 23 on the ACT.
Scott-Emuakpor plans to continue taking care of business on the field and in the classroom, and also doing the necessary recruiting-related work, which includes attending college games this fall.
"Things have been going by so fast and I have to take care of so many things with school coming up, but I've thought about attending some games," Scott-Emuakpor said. "As of now, I've only planned on attending the Notre Dame-Michigan game on the tenth. I haven't talked to them much since mid-July, but I should probably call in there soon and get tickets because that will be a big deal over there."
The three-star receiver also lives in the shadow of Spartan Stadium and has connections to Michigan State University, but is not sure where he stands on their board at this time.
"I know they have three receivers committed, so I don't know what is happening there," Scott Emuakpor said. "I believe they are still recruiting me, but I haven't talked to very many schools in awhile. I'll get up to a Michigan State game. I'm too close to them not to. I probably would have gone to their opener on Friday, but we play on Friday at Chelsea."
College coaches will be able to start phoning recruits again starting Sept. 1, and Scott-Emuakpor is looking forward to hearing from more schools then.