Scott-Emuakpor on board with his first

East Lansing (Mich.) wide receiver Efe Scott-Emuakpor has a 6-5 frame, great athleticism and two seasons of strong production under his belt. What he did not have, however, was a scholarship offer until his first arrived on Monday from Ball State.
"They saw me at Cincinnati last week and then another one of their coaches saw me at Michigan State on Saturday," Scott-Emuakpor said. "The wide receivers coach told me to give him a call and basically told me they wanted to offer me. They had to talk with the head coach and show him my film, then by today it should be confirmed. So, I called them today and they went ahead and offered me."
Scott-Emuakpor has been receiving recruiting letters from the likes of Alabama and USC, as well as in-state programs Michigan and Michigan State, since before his junior season, so his lack of an offer was perplexing. Now that he has one, though, Scott-Emuakpor does not plan to stop there.

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"Hopefully this first one will get things going with other schools," Scott-Emuakpor said. "I am on my way back from Wisconsin's one-day right now and that went pretty well. I will call them in a couple of days after they evaluate the film of the camp. Then, I am going to Michigan's camp on Wednesday."
Scott-Emuakpor also got some solid feedback after attending camps at Michigan State and Cincinnati last week.
"Cincinnati was evaluating me a little more. I haven't had a chance to talk with them since, so I will have to talk with them later this week," Scott-Emuakpor said. "I just went to Michigan State, but I feel that I am getting close with them, along with other schools."
The 6-5, 180-pound Scott-Emuakpor is a strong student in the classroom with a 3.4 GPA. He has recorded 97 receptions for 1,055 yards and seven touchdowns in just 15 games over the last two seasons.