Scoby hopes things settle down

Kurt Scoby transferred out of Santa Fe Springs (Calif.) St. Paul to Los Angeles Cathedral in the middle of his junior season after his coach was fired.
It was ruled that the 2014 running back had to sit out the remainder of the season and it's just been a difficult time for Scoby, a 5-foot-9, 150-pound prospect who said he's looking to play football and work toward more college offers.
Scoby, who already has Miami and Oregon State offers, said he plans to be at Los Angeles Cathedral for his senior season and he wants things to return to normalcy.

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"I'm going to be here because I want to settle down," Scoby said. "There have been too many moves.
"It was unexpected. It's been tough because I'm just trying to get offers and play football. Any kid who's put in this position it's tough. I'm still just a baby. I have to sit out the rest of my junior year. We don't know yet if I'll be playing my senior year but it looks like I will be playing."
Scoby said he was surprised first when he made the transfer to Cathedral after coach Eli Asante was fired early in the season and then when it was ruled he'd sit out the rest of his junior year.
It was a tough time for the 2014 running back but he's hopeful it will be a soft landing at Los Angeles Cathedral and that college coaches take notice he's at a different school.
"I was shocked," Scoby said. "I couldn't even go to my team's first game against Harvard-Westlake because I was depressed. How could someone take their junior year away from them in the middle of the season especially?
"I think it has messed with my recruitment because I don't think anyone knows where I am right now."
Scoby said Oregon continues to recruit him and that he's hoping to send some highlight tape to Notre Dame since it's one of his favorite schools.