Schools noticing Allen

The offers continue to roll in for Marcus Allen. Over the past few weeks the safety from Upper Marlboro (Md.) Wise pulled in offers from Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Northwestern and N.C. State.
"I like all the schools that are offering me," said the 6-foot-3,190-pound Allen. "It gives me some more options to look at. I still want to take my time and look at all the schools and pick the right one. I have a lot of contact with Coach Preston from Georgia Tech on Facebook. We hit each other up a lot. I might call him almost every weekend.
"Northwestern is pretty cool," he said. "They have faith in me and are willing to give me a chance out there. I like that they are so interested in me. Traveling isn't a problem for me. I know Vanderbilt is a high academic school. It's another challenge for me to overcome but I still like Vanderbilt. I don't really know much about N.C. State. I'd really like to take a visit down there so I can learn some more about them. "

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Allen went to Maryland's and Pittsburgh's junior day.
"I went to the Pitt junior day a few weeks ago," Allen said. "It was fun being able to spend time with my individual coach, Matt House. He broke down their defense for me and told me how he coaches. I love all their coaches, they're like player coaches. I got the offer from Pitt a long time ago.
"I couldn't stay for Maryland's basketball game against Duke because I had to go," he said. "The rest of the visit was nice. I really liked it. I was talking to Coach Locksley and a whole bunch of coach while we were eating."
Allen wants to do a lot of camps and combines this offseason and is trying to set up visits to Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt and Northwestern.