Schools keeping Sutton phone tied up

Texarkana (Texas) Texas running back Korey Sutton has been on the phone a lot in the last week.
"I've gotten a lot of calls," the 5-foot-10, 195-pound Sutton said. "The first day we had three call and then steady after that."
The first three were Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana Tech. Others included Tulsa and Ole Miss.

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"Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana Tech all called to kind of let me know they were thinking about me," the three-star rated all-purpose back said. "They wanted me to know the scholarship offers were still out there for me if I wanted to come play for them."
The newcomer to Sutton's suitors is Ole Miss.
"I had not heard anything from Ole Miss until they called me," he said. "I had a girlfriend who went to school down there. I went down for a game there last fall and got a chance to meet the coaches. They were telling me they needed a running back and that I could be their guy. But, that was the last I heard from them until last week when they called."
While we were visiting with Sutton, a call came in from the Colorado coaching staff.
"I told them I was on with Rivals," Sutton said. "So, he told me he would call back in a little bit. The coach said to tell Rivals that Colorado really likes me as a running back."
Sutton doesn't have a favorite among the schools he has offers from.
"I really don't have a favorite. Texas is at the top, but they haven't offered me. I've always liked them. But, if they don't offer me a scholarship, it would be tough to go there."
Sutton has gotten his season off to a good start.
"We are going good. We are 2-0. We beat Arkansas High, kind of our rival, 31-12. I had 12 carries for 103 yards, Friday. That was my first game. I didn't play the first game. I had an ankle injury. I was cleared to play but I didn't play because it wasn't really necessary. The other team knew about my ankle injury and could have targeted it and hurt it more."