Scafe adds another offer

Windsor, Conn. defensive tackle Damik Scafe made a trip to Maryland's senior day camp recently and just spent a day at Boston College's camp as well. Next up for the New England standout is Wisconsin followed by UConn and others. So how did the 6-foot-3, 290-pounder feel he did so far and who are his leaders?
"It was really nice and the campus is unbelievable at Maryland," he said. "I didn't do as well as I thought I would because I only had two hours of sleep. I did run a 4.89-second 40-yard dash and improved my vertical by two inches. Coach Sollazzo was really impressed with my 40 time and he showed me some techniques to get past offensive lineman faster.
I did pretty well in the one-on-ones. I thought I was a little slow and it wasn't my best performance, but I tried my best and I showed them I was aggressive even though I wasn't feeling the best."
After the combine, Scafe picked up his second offer of the season from Michigan State.
"I've been hearing everything great about them, I know they've got a great campus, facilities and coaches," he said. "I'm looking forward to talking to their coaches more soon. I've got to try to get to their camp this summer."
Next up for Scafe is Wisconsin next weekend and then one-day stops at UConn, Michigan State and Penn State if he can make them all. Scafe wouldn't outright name his top five, but he did mention he is seriously looking at Wisconsin, Michigan State, Maryland, Penn State, UConn and Boston College. Scafe plans to have an official list at the end of summer.
"I will probably commit in late August too," he said. "I want to get it over with before the season starts."
What does Scafe think about a couple of the schools?
"I would love to be in that environment at Wisconsin. Coach Palermo is a great coach and I think I would do great there. I like the weather, environment, everything about them is positive. I'm looking forward to going up there," he said. "Boston College is a plus because it's close to home. I went there for a day on Friday and did really well. They were my first offer so that's something you always remember. I like being at home and seeing my family and I definitely want to go back there this summer and make a list about what I like about their campus and environment compared to my other top choices."
Not surprisingly, Connecticut is in the mix.
"They are my home-state school," he said. "They show a lot of interest in me, bu haven't offered me yet. I think they have limited scholarships and I'm hoping to earn an offer at camp. Like I said, being close to home would be great. They told me they're impressed by me and I like coach Marino and I have a former teammate there in Nollis Dewar."
Penn State is also in the mix.
"I also have a teammate there in Chris Baker and Penn State has a great tradition," he said. "Coach (Larry) Johnson is recruiting me and I like him a lot. Penn State is also known for putting defensive linemen in the pros."
One school that has cooled on Scafe is Miami.
"I heard a lot from Miami earlier and then they stopped recruiting me as much," he said. "I'm still want Michigan to start looking at me because they are one of my top choices. I've always liked their facilities and reputation. I like Syracuse as well, but they aren't recruiting me very hard either."
Scafe is looking to bulk up for next season.
"I definitely want to get a lot bigger and stronger, I've never really worked out that much before because I heard it can stunt your growth," he said. "I've always been ahead of people around here because of my aggression and size, but now kids are catching up. I've got speed; I just want to get up to about 315-pounds."
Scafe was named all-conference after recording 79 tackles, 12 for loss and eight sacks.