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Savoy firm with Wolverines

Mamou (La.) wide receiver LaTerryal Savoy committed to Michigan last summer, in part so he could focus on his senior season. With Mamou now 10-1 and moving through the playoffs, Savoy said his commitment was a good decision for multiple reasons.
“We’re 10-1 and still in the playoffs, so the season’s been pretty good,” Savoy said. “I’ve caught 51 catches for 1048 yards and 17 touchdowns. I have 10 interceptions and 61 tackles so far, and a blocked field goal on defense. I’ve really been reaching my goals. They’ve been recruiting me for receiver, but I will play whatever they want me to play.”
Savoy said that he still talks regularly with Michigan coaches, who he says were a major factor in his college decision.
“I still talk to Coach Fred Jackson (Running backs coach) a lot,” Savoy said. “I’m going to take my official visit sometime after the football season. I committed there because of the coaching staff, the team atmosphere and I feel I will grow there. This one person from Mamou graduated from Michigan, and they said nothing but good things about it which only helped it out.”
Savoy said that the strength of his play as a senior has been tenacity.
“I really wasn’t expecting much because of all the double teams,” Savoy said. “But it really went well. I try to go for every ball I can to make catches and big plays, and I fight for every yard and nothing less.
“That’s why I like guys like T.O. (Terrell Owens), Clayton (Tamp Bay receiver Mark), Breylan Edwards (Michigan receiver) and Marvin Harrison (Indianapolis receiver). They always find a way to catch the ball and always help their quarterback. They know they’re going to be covered but they still find a way to make plays.”
Savoy is the No. 9 overall prospect in Louisiana, and is among the top 30 wide receivers in the nation.