Sarao emerging as a top prospect

After putting up huge numbers as a junior linebacker so far at Absecon (N.J.) Holy Spirit, Anthony Sarao has emerged as a top prospect in New Jersey's Class of 2011.
Sarao has been on the radar for a few weeks now and though the 6-foot-3, 215-pound prospect is still waiting for offers to come in it seems as though it's only a matter of time until that happens.
He was recently at Boston College to check out the Eagles' game against NC State. It was a game BC dominated 52-20, so they were clearly glad he showed up that week.

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"It went very well, actually," Sarao said. "I liked the whole atmosphere and I liked the attention they gave me. I was with assistant coach Dawson, and I think he's a good coach. He also coaches the special teams, and we got along."
Sarao was invited down to the Alabama-Tennessee game last weekend by the Tide's coaching staff, but he was unable to make that trip.
"I'll most likely be at the next home game, though," he said, apparently referring to Alabama's contest against LSU on November 7.
"I'm looking at UCLA, Tennessee and UConn, too," he said, in addition to BC and Alabama. "Those are the top ones right now, but there are a bunch of other ones, too."
Sarao said there is no one thing he is looking for in a potential college destination, though he will be considering the coaching staff. Location will probably not be a factor.
He recently made it through the NCAA clearinghouse, so Sarao expects offers to come in not long from now.