Sandland forced to rule out SEC

Beau Sandland wants to graduate from Pierce (Calif.) Community College in December. And if that means putting himself off-limits to an entire conference, so be it.
Last week, the four-star tight end decided to enroll in an online algebra course. Taking the class is the only way Sandland will be eligible to transfer at the end of the semester, but it also means that, because of league academic requirements, the SEC is no longer a viable landing spot for the prized recruit.
The visit he took to Ole Miss a few weeks ago? Worthless. The one he had planned to Florida later this season? Cancelled. His six scholarship offers from SEC schools suddenly matter none. All because online math courses don't fly in SEC country.

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So go the pitfalls of junior college recruiting.
"It's hard to get classes here with all the budget cuts," Sandland said by phone on Monday. "Pierce doesn't give athletes early registration like virtually every other school, so I was out of luck. We're already a month into the semester and I still didn't have a class. I had to take it online.
"I called every SEC coach about it last week. They were all obviously disappointed, but they very professional about it. They asked if there was anything that could be done and told me to let them know if something changes."
But what is seen as a loss for Sandland and the SEC schools that courted him, is a gain for others. The field competing for the tight end's services has now been narrowed, leaving Arizona State, Oklahoma and Nebraska standing at the forefront.
Sandland has already taken official visits to both Nebraska and OU. He's seen Arizona State's campus via unofficial visits. That's not to say he won't be making a return trip to Tempe, though. In fact, in lieu of the most recent news, it seems likely.
"It will probably be Miami, Texas Tech or Arizona State," Sandland said. "I'll probably take the last visits to two of those three. That's what I'm leaning toward right now."
According to Sandland, he doesn't have a group of official "favorites" and intends hold off on a commitment until mid December. He'll decide on his final two visits in the coming weeks.