Sampson ready for more offers

Pleasant Grove, Utah, three-star tight end Bryan Sampson watched his teammate Dallas Lloyd commit earlier this week to Stanford. With BYU's Junior Day coming up on Friday, a visit to Utah in the works and more schools showing a lot of interest, could Sampson be right behind Lloyd in making a decision?
"I just went up to Utah State this past weekend, and they offered me," Sampson, who is 6-foot-5 and 210 pounds, said.
"It was really good. They're trying to turn the program around and they're bringing in a lot of new coaches and they have Gary Andersen there, and he's a great guy. It was their junior day, so we took the tour of everything.
"I have offers from Idaho State and Utah State. I'm going to BYU and Utah this weekend, and I think I'll probably get an offer from them but I'm not sure. I've been talking to them plenty. BYU's junior day is this Friday, and they said if I do well like they expect, they'll pull me aside and offer right then."
An offer from BYU would be impressive, but so would one from Utah, a school where his brother went to.
"I'm sure they're going to offer soon," Sampson said. "Right now my top teams would be Utah, BYU, Utah State, Nebraska and Stanford. Not in that order, I don't have an order right now because I'm looking to get more offers and I think I will. When I get more offers I'll start making an order.
"I'd say probably I talk to BYU the most. They're one of the first schools that started talking to me and they've always been recruiting me hard. I know all the coaches and they really like me, and they're close to home."
Nebraska, led by recruiter Ron Brown, has been showing a lot of interest, along with Stanford. Sampson likes the in-state schools definitely but would be open to a Pac 10 or Big 12 offer.
"Yeah, I've been talking to a lot of schools," he said. "Probably over 15 schools have talked to me from out of state. The schools most interested would be Nebraska, Washington State, Washington, Idaho State, Arizona, TCU, Cal, USC came up the other weekend, and I talked to them a little bit. There're a bunch of schools.
"Nebraska's probably in my top five right now. They came down and I talked to their tight ends coach (Ron Brown) and then they sent their offense coordinator (Shawn Watson) down to watch me practice. They really like me, so I think I'm going to go up there sometime this summer."
Sampson isn't in a huge rush to make a decision, but he would like to have something figured out here by next month.
"I'm probably going to make a decision before the season starts," he said. "I want to say probably in July. The schools that I want to offer, if they do offer then they'll do so in June. I'll make my decision from there."