Sam is ready to announce

Allen (Texas) three-star linebacker Christian Sam has narrowed his search down to five schools. Actually, he has it narrowed down to one, and plans to announce his decision Thursday, August 1.
His finalists are Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Arizona State, and Ole Miss. He lists them in no particular order, and is not tipping as he prepares to announce his college choice.
The decision making process has not been easy, and as Sam points out each of his finalists have plenty to offer.

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Baylor - "Baylor has a great program. Coach Briles is a great coach and a great person. They're doing big things down there from the new stadium to the uniform changes. The strength and conditioning coach, coach Kaz, he knows what he's doing. And the education, Baylor's education you really can't beat that."
Oklahoma - "When they offered it was like a dream. Not really a dream but growing up I went to an OU-Texas game I always wanted to be like them. When it happened it was….When I took my visit down there it was nice. They win national championships, they win Big 12 championships, they're a winning team year in and year out. Just the program they have going down there."
Texas Tech - "The coaching staff is the first thing that pops out. You can ask anyone who has been there and talked to those coaches the energy level is the highest you've ever seen. It's a young staff and most of them are alumni of Texas Tech. I really liked that."
Arizona State - "The coaching staff that's huge. I'm going to be away from home and I need to trust the coaches. You're not my parents but to be there and look out for me and have my best interest and I feel that way about Arizona State. They have big things going there. They're about to come out with some stadium renovations and have all sorts of stuff going on down there. They're trying to compete in the Pac-12 for the Rose Bowl and the national championship and I really liked that. Coach Graham is a good person and the whole coaching staff when I was there with them this weekend."
Ole Miss - "They're doing big things already. It's starting to turnaround for them. Coach Allen, who would be my coach, is a great guy. They are all about family, faith, and football and that's really great and I really like that. And they play in the SEC so that's good."
He does know which one he will choose on Thursday and is still figuring out the details of his announcement and does not have plans for a press conference. He does not have a specific time in mind but mentioned he would probably release his decision on Twitter.