Sabree Thomas gets offers, blocks

Sabree Thomas is a three-star tight end for Jacksonville (Fla.) Ed White High School. He may not stay that way for long, though.
“College coaches like him as a defensive end or defensive tackle,” Ed White coach Terry Gilliam said. “He’s having a good season for us at tight end, though.”
It took awhile for the 6-foot-5, 270-pound Thomas to get noticed, but now that he has, a recruiting flurry has picked up. He has scholarship offers from West Virginia, Syracuse and Mississippi State, and is also being closely watched and contacted by Florida, Florida State, Miami, Georgia and other SEC schools.
Thomas’ strength at tight end lies in his run blocking, where the big receiver can lay blocks on the end and down field for Ed White’s five-star running back Maurice Wells, one of the most highly recruited rushers in the nation.
“He’s a good person and a very good football player us for us,” Gilliam said. “He’s a very physical football player.
He’s played tight end for us, and he’s a very good run blocker, where he can use his physical tools.”
A member of the Preseason Florida 100, Thomas is one of the country’s 30 best tight ends.